WP 1 Determination of typical load conditions and applications
Investigation of stress factors for different collector types, materials and climates on the basis of a Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA). Definition of typical applications of collectors and relevant operational conditions in different climatic zones.

WP 2 Quantitative determination of stress factors
Definition of load profiles by monitoring of reference systems and by help of a geographical information systems (GIS) for the development of suitable accelerated aging tests.

WP 3 Exposure of reference collectors in extreme climates
Exposition of different collector types at six outdoor test sites in extreme climates (moderate, maritime, alpine, tropical, arid). All sites are equipped with a continuous monitoring of climatic and load conditions. All collectors are characterised in the testlabs at Fraunhofer ISE and the ITW Stuttgart prior to the exposition.

WP 4 Screening-tests for components
Development of accelerated aging tests for main components (absorber, transparent covers, thermal insulation, reflectors) with regard to typical stress levels and the influence of saline atmospheres.

WP 5 Development of degradation models
Development of numerical degradation models for accelerated (indoor) aging tests and outdoor exposure.

WP 6 Development and validation of accelerated test procedures for components
Development of test sequences for components for the investigation of their aging behavior in regard to relevant stress conditions as well as the validation of these procedures.

WP 7 Qualification tests for solar thermal collectors
Investigation of complete collectors and of the interaction between single components. The results are compared with the test sequences for components of WP 6.

WP 8 Development of standardized test procedures and knowledge transfer
Development of proposals for test standards on the basis of results in WP 6 and 7.

WP 9 Dissemination
Publication of project research activities.

WP 10 Humidity measurements in collectors and evaluation of data
Measurement of humidity in collectors at two outdoor test sites to characterize the microclimate as a function of the climatic environment.

WP 11 Screening tests for adhesives
Identification of real stress factors for adhesives between the transparent glazing and the collector frame in order to facilitate models of the aging behaviour of adhesives and eventually the entire collector.

WP 12 Advanced development of degradation models
CFD simulations of temperature and humidity in solarthermal collectors and extension of results from WP 5 by the additional parameter humidity using data from WP 10.

WP 13 Development of accelerated aging tests for adhesives
Development of fast and significant accelerated aging tests using results from the screening tests (WP 11) and the simulations (WP 12).

WP 14 Participation in IEA SHC Task 43 "Solar Rating & Certfication Procedures"
Contribution of project results in the IEA SHC Task 43.